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Do you want to relocate from any part of the world to Nigeria?

This is the golden goose for Nigerians considering moving back. Start-ups are great ventures to move back to. Nigeria’s new wave of transition has led to an increase in development projects in established industries such as infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing,telecommunications, healthcare, you name it! Innovation is driving Nigeria at the moment, so you have to find the right opportunity for what you are passionate about and drive it home.

Do you want to buy properties and invest in Nigeria?

Real Estate in Nigeria, like in many parts of the world is an ever-increasing-in-value investment that must not be slept on! If you are looking for a way to invest your savings, why not consider real estate? Such investments are always very lucrative. If you are in doubt, just look up any of the wealthiest people in the world, you will find one form of real estate investment or the other in their portfolio.

Are you hoping for your company to be represented in Nigeria?

Foreign investor clients who are seeking to explore other business opportunities in Nigeria, or who are engaging in activities that will be carried out over an extended period in Nigeria would be advised to incorporate a local company unless there are specific reasons why this would not be appropriate.  A possible alternative option is for a foreign investor to open a representative office and simply maintain a presence through an agent.

Do you want to visit Nigeria on your next vacation?

Nigeria is a huge diverse country blessed with incredible natural resources, destinations and sunny weather.  There are so many attractions and cultural highlights which will leave you spellbound. Most places are untouristy and so you are guaranteed a local authentic experience. Nigeria is blessed with varieties languages including hausa, igbo,edo, efik, igala, ijaw, isoko, urhobo, igbira and also local languages.  One of the main reasons people visit Nigeria is due to the amount of entertainment available in places like Lagos. Popular activities include listening to afro-music, pop, afro-pop and fuji.

Are you seeking for Business Partners in Nigeria?

As a foreigner or a Nigerian who do not have a reliable person or business partner in Nigeria, you don’t need to worry again. Hoechi Business Development Services will fill this gap with 100% satisfaction. Guaranteed! We can assist/ support you or your company to find appropriate location for your business, find market for your products and services, fully act as your company staff in any capacity of your choice.

We are here to assist you, just tell us what you want.

Are you seeking to get information on the Nigerian Market?

Are you seeking for information on Nigeria and Nigeria Market? We will provide you with updated Research on any topic of your choice.  We will provide you with information on: Hot and fast selling products in Nigeria, Manufactures and Companies in the area of your choice, Check various prices of selling products in Nigeria and answer questions about the Nigeria Market

At Hoechi!

We will guide you right from the beginning by helping to provide an analysis of the cost of living tailored to your lifestyle, finding you a home, a school for your children, and offering language and cultural training if you need it. When you arrive we can help you become familiar with your new surroundings, sort out your banking, buy a car, get online and much more We operate with the highest standards of workmanship, administration and compliance. If you are coming from any part of the world, we will take care of everything for you at the point of arrival to Nigeria.

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We assist Nigerians in Diaspora (outside the country) to set up highly profitable businesses of their choice / interest  and also assist with the paper work that will allow them manage their chosen businesses successfully in their current location.


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We will provide: an accompanied area overview, a comprehensive look at the local property market, opportunities and everyday living advice. We will assist you to identify the key things to consider right at the start of the process.

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