Business Center Services


With the help of our huge experience in the use of computers, we offer printing services and other computer related services like Type setting, Bulk printing, Bulk Photocopy, Book Review, Book Editing, Book Binding of various kinds, Graphic Design, Color Photocopy, 3D home design, animation, A3 printing, A3 photocopy, Lamination, Scanning, Typing and Desk top Publishing.

Our Business Center is a one stop shop that provides your complete printing solution.

Our Hall mark remains Quality and Speed.

Car Repair and Maintenance services

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We run an auto shop for the maintenance of your car. With profound knowledge in the domain of providing car maintenance services, we have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the major car services company in Nigeria. We render matchless services for repairing & maintenance of various parts of your car. Our services are meant to enhance the efficacy of your automobiles. We are highly admired by all our clients.


  1. Explanation of how our service is offered
  2. Charge for diagnosis and inspection of  vehicle
  3. Preliminary report provided on payment of diagnosis detailing required work necessary with time and cost estimate.
  4. Report review with client
  5. Repairs and test run
  6. Client notification on completion
  7. Release of vehicle

NOTE: All levels of service are exclusive to our workshop  at Ago Palace way, Okota, Isolo, Lagos Nigeria.  Home or roadside service is not on offer.

You can call  08080987812  or 08027066326 for assistance or further  enquires.